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Hi All,

I'm Authoress D'Ashanta. New to the industry and new to a lot of readers. Having seven books published, they all hit the top 100. Of the seven, three hit top ten, and of those one hit #1. As an avid reader, I was never one to jump on the train of who was or wasn't popular in the industry. I was always intrigued and drawn to new authors simply because at one point in each author's career, they were considered a new author.

I was born and raised on the rough streets of New Orleans. It was at one point the murder capital of the world and unfortunately, I write about the life I lived. While some of my stories may be realistic to some, the characters and stories are fictional... or are they?

As a 40 year old mother of four and grandmother of my handsome grandson, Kamron, I decided to get back into writing. I started out as a short story writer, then a poet, and now a novelist. I'm going to ride this train until the wheels fall off. Hop on with me, I will take you on a wild ride.

All of my books are available in paperback and they are as follows:

A Thug Story Not A Love Story 1-3 (under construction and will be re-released on KU soon)

That Dope Love Won't Shut Me Out 1-2 (will be re-released on KU March


I Wish A Bitch Would 1-2 (also available on Kindle Unlimited)

Freak'N You (also available on Kindle Unlimited)

Author D'Ashanta

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