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Mar 04, 2019
Loving You Like A Savage Part One Synopsis Cruz Montana isn't your typical type of guy. Growing up without a father was challenging for him, but nonetheless, he became a man at a young age and stepped up. Becoming a man of the house, he took care of his sister some days while his mother busted her butt to make sure they had more than enough to make it. Now at twenty-eight with a degree in business management, he has the smarts to doubt your thoughts of the typical black man without a father figure. He has the wits to create his own business hustling to get to the top. With the help of his homeboy, Meson, they both decided to open a business together. He stands to prove that you can come from a rough life and still rise to the top with success. Destined to turn his business into a worldwide trade, he is determined for greatness. He finds out something that can disturb his bond with his family. With this secret, it will surely cause a stir within his family. Soya Montana has had a tough life. Growing up it was just her mother, brother and her. She watched as her mother struggled to take care of them growing up, with no complaints Being that she hasn't had a man to show her what real love was like due the absence of her father, she felt herself becoming guarded when it came to love. She only did what was best for her and that was keeping herself guarded. Meson became someone she could count on. Meson Hainsworth was your ordinary guy, who was a sweetheart. He grew up without his parents in his life. Being a kid who was tossed into foster care, he only knew of his foster family, but he had to basically grow up at a young age. He taught himself everything there is to know with a little help from his foster parents. Being twenty-nine with a business management degree, he seeking for a higher purpose than just some static. With little knowledge of his biological family, he quickly starts to learn all about them as it revealed to him thoroughly. Secrets and lies that are placed in the air which places Meson in a hard place. Ayanna Keystone isn’t like most women her age. She will ride or die for you if she loves you, no matter what. With her boyfriend, Luke, she always made it her mission to be a ridah for him. When he betrays her in the most hurtful way, she finally starts to see his true colors. With a broken heart, she needs some space from Luke. All the lies that Luke has been telling her finally comes back to bite him in the ass, in the worst way. Now he is willing to do anything to win her back. How will she handle things with Luke? Will she move on to something new? This book is all about Loving You Like A Real Savage where there is sure to be drama, lies, sex, death and more. All of Jae P’s books are on Amazon for purchase. Hope you all enjoy and can relate to each character from these books.
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