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No Love For A Christmas Thug
A Boss Valentine in Phillu
A Thug Valentine in Baltimore
A Boss Valentine in Chicago
A Savage Valentine in Houston
A Savage Valentine in Miami
A Boss Valentine in Atlanta
Cali Black & Kisha
Sometimes I'm in My feelings
Pretty Lips That Thugs Love
Black Tonya
My Other Baby Mama
Torn Between the Plug and a Savage
Weekends Only
Godfather of Atlanta
Thug Holiday
Got Me a New Thang
The Trillest Love Comes From a Thug
Hood luv in Miami
My Thug, My Savage, My Dopeboy
A Kingpin Stole my Heart
A Secret Hood Love Affair
The Streets Left Me With a Heavy Hea
A Down south hood chick
Fallin for a Chicago Boss
Fallin For a DC Boss
Fallin For a Sacramento Boss
Shawty Got Love For a Gangsta
Drunk in Love
The Sunday school Teacher
Fallin For an A-Town Savage
The Rock Boyz
A Thug Valentine in New Orleans
A Thug Valentine in Brooklyn
The Throne
The Coldest Savage Stole My Heart
Thug & Karma
The First Wife
Hooked on That Thug Love
I'm Low Key Feeling You
Real Project Chicks of Miami
All About Us
A Little Philly Project Chick
Thug Passion Marks
Hoodwives & Rich Thugs of Houston
Hoodwives & Rich Thugs of Memphis
Hoodwives & Rich Thugs of Philly
Hoodwives & Rich Thugs of Miami
Hoodwives & Rich Thugs of Atlanta
Hoodwives & Rich Thugs of New York
Hoodwives & Rich Thugs of Chicago
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