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The Throne

For years, Falisa Walker stood in the shadows of her husband Timbo as he ruled over their drug empire. They lived lavishly as King and Queen while calling shots from New York to Augusta, Georgia. Their Columbian connect in Miami, ensured their place at the top of the game.
They lived the dream, until the feds raided their mansion and snatched Falisa and her husband, leaving their twelve-year-old son to hold down the Throne. He did everything his father asked; even placing his own life in jeopardy to prove that he was capable of walking in the shoes that were left for him.
One simple mistake turned their entire family upside down, and their son was left to swim the waters with the Great Whites. Loyalties are tested, and bonds are strained as young Fly learns that the road to the throne is no cakewalk. 

A Thug Valentine in Brooklyn
The Throne

A Thug Valentine in Brooklyn

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love and affection. It is a day meant for lovers and the lustful. No need for games or regrets, whatever it will be, will be.
Harlem is a feisty chick with a heart as big as the city she’s named after. While she considers herself strong willed, even they can fall weak sometimes. Harlem’s weakness is Saynt Williams, a ruthless drug dealer that’s anything but what his name describes on the streets of Brooklyn.
Despite the desperate pleas of her worrisome father, the rebellious Harlem finds herself head over heels and is seemingly willing to risk it all for Saynt. However, a mysterious thug enters the picture and begins vying for Harlem's attention. This may just be what Harlem needs to break free of the captivating hold that Saynt has on her.
Seoul Harris is the opposite of Saynt in all the ways that matter and has Harlem questioning everything she thinks she knows. With Valentine’s Day approaching fast and her back against the wall, will Harlem find love with a Saynt? Or will she ultimately find herself 'Seoul' snatched in this gritty, yet sexy hood romance?

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