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Author D'Ashanta
Mar 04, 2019
This is a Collection of three friends. They were born and raised in New Orleans and was displaced by Hurricane Katrina to a small town called Monroeville, AL. Upon returning to New Orleans the boys got it how they lived by any means necessary. While two of the three became complacent, one was not satisfied with looking over his shoulder at every turn. In each book, you will be taken on a journey from boy to man and from lust to love. Again, these stories are being revamped and re-released starting in April each book will drop one month apart. However, the current stories are available on paperback or on loan from the author. In the first book of the collection you'll meet the gang. Ju'an aka Jap, has a different outlook on life, he knows that there is more to life than drugs and women. Jacques aka Kez, who is the highlight of part two of the collection, is the wildcard of the gang. He could care less who he had to dissolve in order to get to what he loved... money. Anfernee aka Fatts, was the joker of the three. Everything with him was smiles, even when he had to get down and dirty to protect the ones he loved, he'd take your head off with his dimples .
A Thug Story Not A Love Story content media

Author D'Ashanta

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